About Us

Refine & Hone

A brief story

We created this business to focus on people as the fundamental source of value and the single most valuable resource.  In the everyday hustle of “business as usual”, this key element is most often overlooked.  Especially in organisation change, the people component is often missed, even though people are the enabler of change and the most heavily impacted.

We saw that these evolving areas presented two main challenges; An growing lack of experience and expertise in the labour force, and a reactive, resistant approach to dealing with change.  To us, the solution was clear.  Focus on developing talent both at an individual and organisational level and embrace change as an opportunity for growth and success.

Thus, in 2016, Refine & Hone was created to focus on these areas, to help individuals rise to their true potential and enable organisations to embrace change as a critical and highly beneficial part of business.

Founder, Principal Consultant

David Bainbrigge

David is a passionate, people centric leader and business executive who brings 20+ years of experience to the consultancy. He has qualifications in engineering, business, leadership and is a strong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion. He has held a range of management, leadership and executive roles throughout his career spanning multiple industries, businesses and team sizes. He is proud to have succesfully mentored and coached high potential individuals ranging from graduates through to senior executives.

As a business consultant and executive, David has successfully planned and implemented major organisational restructures, supported acquisitions, and helped develop and grow new business ventures. His collaborative approach, business acumen and broad expericence, allows him to partner with a wide variety of organisations and tailor solutions to suit.